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Rumaithiya-Block 7, Kuwait


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 July 27, 2014
SOCIAL CANDIDATE SERVICES To: Respecting to the H R Dept, From: indian muslim Sub: Islamic Social Candidate Services, Dear Sir, Assalamualaikkum NASURAN MINALAHI VAA. FATHURUN KAREEB, Sir, we are recently, established Islamic social candidates supplier, we are in Tamil Nadu state, and indian, our areas most of Muslim brothers educated and uneducated peoples are jobless, and most of Muslim family they are live very poor condition no income, no own houses, so we need to do same favor them, and improve for our Islamic communities. we are alone without in your support our self we cannot due anything for, because Allahuthala give good wealth for Islamic countries, if get in your help for them. They can solve they are problems, please we need in your help we are not asking for any donate from you or we are not asking for our self please we request only for employment in this Islamic peoples, please approval for our request whatever manpower need for your country, at least give same for us, we sent 80 percent Muslim candidates, and 20 percent other candidates, if we will get in your approval we are star to search everywhere only for Muslim candidates, but this is very difficulties for us, but, our aim we will do same favour the Islamic Government if not take step in this matter, after few years our Islamic brothers improvement very poor. so, please try to help for our Islamic brothers development status,, sir, we try to search all kind of candidates, Also, we have very quick service indian government authority license agency, please consider in this matter with in your team. Please sent us, your requirements, Term and Condition details, we will sent without delay candidates resume details, further details please contact; MR, E.L. Ali; 0091 9025511821 Mr. Mohamed Ikbal; 0091 9488215395, Sir, please we are waiting for your earlier response, Thanking you, Best regards, Social Candidates Supplier Team, india.
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